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AFV Incentive Program / Ford Partnering Program


To sponsor a program that provides incentives to Clean Cities coalitions to sell Ford Alternative Fuel Vehicles. More than one hundred projects are proposed each year per the submissions to the DOE Clean Cities SEP grant funding solicitation. Ford would like to provide an incentive that will motivate NCC Chapters to focus on the projects that actually result in AFV sales.


Develop a Sponsorship Program that provides funding to NCC Inc. on the behalf of Clean Cities and NCC Inc. Chapters for projects that result in the actual purchase of new Ford AFV's.


The benefits for Clean Cities include:

  • Opportunity to earn incentive rewards for chapters and NCC, Inc
  • Movement toward self-sustainability
  • Improved relationships with local Ford dealers

The benefits to the Ford AFV Organization include:

  • Increased sales of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Cost savings from using local resources
  • Corporate good will
  • Greater profits for local dealers


  • Vehicles eligible under this program include:
    • Ford bi-fuel F-150's (LPG or CNG)
    • Ford dedicated CNG F-150's
    • Ford dedicated CNG E-Series Vans & Wagons
    • Ford dedicated CNG E-Series Cutaways
    • Ford dedicated CNG Crown Victorias

  • Flex Fuel Vehicles (E85) are not eligible for payment under this program

Sponsorship Components

  • All administrative costs will be assessed by NCC Inc. in the form of a percentage of the individual project performance payments (5% to chapters and 15% to non-chapters).
  • The Clean Cities coalitions will have an opportunity to earn several types of incentives based on the components of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle projects they submit for approval to NCC Inc. After review by NCC Inc., they will be submitted to Ford for final approval.
  • There may be instances where Ford will consider "special proposals" from Clean Cities Coordinators (i.e. Infrastructure projects). However, as with all proposals, acceptance will be entirely at Ford's discretion.


Please send completed applications to 7769 Tiverton Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 or fax it to 703-644-9966 along with material substantiating the application for funding and/or purchase of the vehicles.


National Clean Cities, Inc.
1735 20th Street, NW
Washington, D.C.