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General Services Administration
Contract Number: GS-10F-0028L

National Clean Cities, Incorporated received a contract award from the federal General Services Administration on October 13, 2000. Under the terms of the contract, which runs for five years with an optional five year renewal clause, National Clean Cities, Incorporated has been approved by the GSA to provide services to federal agencies across the country for a negotiated price schedule. Services that can be offered under this contract include:

  1. Project development and implementation for alternative fuel programs
  2. Program assistance for AFV acquisition and the development of infrastructure for use by federal fleets
  3. Information, education and outreach materials and workshops.

NCC, Inc.'s submission noted that a main objective would be to integrate federal projects into local Clean Cities efforts. Local coalitions can also be subcontracted to assist NCC, Inc, and earn fees for service.


National Clean Cities, Inc.
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