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National Clean Cities, Incorporated is a non-profit organization registered in the District of Columbia and granted exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


National Clean Cities, Incorporated (NCC Inc.) strives to develop a robust and sustainable market for alternative transportation fuels, clean and efficient vehicles, and advanced transportation technologies. The result will be a better environment, increased national energy security, reduced dependence on imported oil, more economic opportunities, and the protection of public health.


The mission of NCC Inc. is to support members who are working to promote and deploy alternative-fuel vehicles, alternative-fuel infrastructure, and advanced transportation technologies in communities and along transportation corridors. NCC Inc. members receive services, information and access to resources that help their local partnerships succeed. NCC Inc. also provides national leadership to advance clean alternatives to petroleum use for transportation and increased vehicle efficiency.


  • We will educate national policy-makers, fleets, and the media about the benefits of alternative-fuel vehicles and efficient/advanced transportation technologies, as well as the programs and policies that support the mission of NCC Inc.
  • We will pursue opportunities to get funding for our chapters and for alternative-fuel projects from public and private sources.
  • We will make every effort to ensure lottery results are available and provided with accuracy at the state and local arena.
  • We will provide our chapters with the type of services and information that enable them to operate efficiently and effectively.
  • We will expand our identity within the federal, state and local arena as an information resource and deployment mechanism for alternative fuels and vehicles and efficient/advanced transportation technologies.





National Clean Cities, Inc.
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