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1. What is NCC Inc.'s mission?

a. To provide national and regional assistance and support to all Clean Cities chapter members of NCCI.

2. How does NCC Inc. plan to accomplish its mission?

a. By improving access to funding for NCCI Clean Cities chapters
b. By educating fleets, policymakers, the media and the public about the national Clean Cities program and NCCI Clean Cities chapter
c. By enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the NCCI Clean Cities chapters

3. What specific objectives is NCC Inc. working to achieve in the next five years?

a. $100 million in new funding for Alternative Fuel programs and projects
b. Forty-five (45) self-sustaining Clean Cities coalition

4. What are the advantages to Clean Cities Coalitions from membership in NCC, Inc.?

a. Fundraising information
b. Fundraising assistance
c. A voice in NCC, Inc.'s legislative education efforts
d. The opportunity to ally with other chapters to seek joint chapter funding otherwise unavailable to individual chapters
e. Access to funds raised by NCC Inc.
f. The opportunity to meet and work with alternate fuel/ vehicle industry officials
g. 501 (c) (3) status by virtue of being a chapter of NCC, Inc
h. Access to inexpensive services

5. Can NCC Inc. lobby Congress or state legislatures?

  Yes, up to 20% of what NCC Inc. spends each year can be spent on lobbying. In addition, NCC Inc. can engage in an unlimited amount of volunteer lobbying.

6. How does a Clean Cities Coalition join NCC, Inc.?

a. Incorporate in their home state as a non-profit entity, if they have not already done so;
b. Get a Federal Employment Identification Number;
c. Obtain, review, and sign the:
  (i) Application and Agreement with the Terms and Conditions; and the
  (ii) Statement of Agreement with the Terms and Conditions.
d. Send in a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, two signed documents, the Federal ID number and a check for $500.

7. Who are the Directors for NCC, Inc.?

a. Meet the Board of Directors.


National Clean Cities, Inc.
1735 20th Street, NW
Washington, D.C.